741. Tarang Enterprises Limited is planning to increase its sales by 30% in the next quarter. Identify the feature of management being highlighted in the given statement.
A. Management is all pervasive
B. Management is a goal oriented process
C. Management is a continuous process
D. All of the above

742. Management is equally important to run a political organisation as it is to run an economic organisation. Which feature of management is being reflected in the given statement?
A. Management is goal oriented
B. Management is multidimensional
C. Management is all pervasive
D. Management is a group activity

743. Management translates the works to be carried out in terms of goals to be achieved and assigns the means to achieve it. This statement relates to
A. Management of work
B. Management of people
C. Management of operations
D. All of the above

744. Which of the following statements highlights that management is a group activity?
A. Organisation is a collection of diverse individuals with different needs.
B. Achievement of common goal requires teamwork and co-ordination of efforts in a common direction.
C. Each member of the organisation may have different individual goals but they must travel together towards common goals.
D. All of the above

745. Keeping in view the changes in the consumer demands and preferences ‘Tasitemaker Bakery’ has reduced the sugar and fat content in its products. This approach of business shows that management is
A. An intangible force
B. A group activity
C. A dynamic function
D. A multidimensional activity

746. Which of the following is not an organisational objective of management?
A. Earning enough revenue to cover costs
B. Earning sufficient profits to cover risks of business
C. Increase in the prospects of business in the long run
D. Providing free education to their employees children

747. Management is considered important because
A. It helps an organisation to adapt to the changes
B. Seeks to integrate individual efforts
C. It helps in development of the society
D. All of the above

748. Management is considered to be an art because
A. The principles of management have universal validity
B. The principles of management have universal application
C. Different principles of management are brought into effect differently by different managers
D. It is not important for the practising managers to be a member of a professional association.

749. Which of the following statements is not relevant to the concept of “Management as an inexact science”?
A. The principles of management lack universal validity
B. The principles of management lack universal applicability
C. The principles of management have to be modified according to the given situation
D. Management involves dealing with human behaviour and outcomes cannot be predicted with utmost accuracy

750. The authority-responsibility relationships that exist within the organisation give rise to
A. Different functions within the organisation
B. Different levels in the organisation
C. Management as a multidimensional activity
D. Management as a group activity