1101. In management process, the most misinterpreted words is ________.

A. Organizing *
B. Delegating
C. Controlling
D. Planning

1102. The department(S) that an even management company will have is/are ____.

A. Creative
B. Production
C. Client servicing
D. All of the above *

1103. Who said, ” Management is a multiple purpose organ that manages a business, manages a manager and manages workers and work “?

A. Harold Konntz
B. Peter Drucker *
C. Kenneth O “Donell”
D. Anonymous

1104. Under mechanism of scientific management, scientific task setting includes _______.

A. Time study
B. Motion study
C. Method study
D. All of the above *

1105. Management as a discipline is the function of ________.

A. Science
B. Art
C. Creativity *
D. All of the above

1106. Which theory assumes that people are naturally and will avoid work and responsibilities if possible ?

A. Theory X *
B. Theory Y
C. Theory Z
D. None of the above

1107. Who is the person you have to give importance under the company’s checklist before making call to the consultant______.

A. Managers
B. Employees *
C. Customer
D. All of the above

1108. What is one of the most significant inhibitors in customer preference while purchasing perishable items in retail ?

A. Proximity of markets *
B. Customer preference to brands
C. Both A&B
D. None of the above

1109. The objectives in corporate governance are __________.

A. Growth
B. Stability
C. Shareholders value maximization
D. All of the above *

1110. The word _________ denotes a function, a task, a discipline.

A. Management *
B. Leadership
C. Motivation
D. None of the above