1361. Which of the following helps analyzing return to equity shareholders?

A. Return on assets
B. Earnings per share *
C. Net profit ratio
D. Return on investment

1362. In inventory turnover calculation , What is taken in the numerator?

A. Sales
B. Cost of goods sold *
C. Opening stock
D. Closing stock

1363. Financial planning deals with _________.

A. Preparation of Financial statements
B. Planning for a capital issue
C. Preparing budgets *
D. All of the above

1364. Financial planning starts with the preparation of ______.

A. Master Budget
B. Cash Budget
C. Balance sheet
D. None of the above *

1365. Process of financial planning with _________.

A. Preparation of projected statements
B. Preparation of actual statements
C. Comparison of actual with projected *
D. Ordering the employees that projected figures come true

1366. Capital budgeting deals with ________.

A. Long-term decision *
B. Short-term decision
C. Both A & B
D. Neither A nor B

1367. Capital budgeting is a part of _______.

A. Investment decision *
B. Working capital management
C. Marketing management
D. Capital structure

1368. Which of the following is not used in capital budgeting ?

A. Time value of money
B. Sensitivity analysis
C. Net assets method *
D. Cash flows

1369. Capital budgeting decisions are _______.

A. Reversible
B. Irreversible *
C. Unimportant
D. All of the above

1370. Which of the following is not incorporated in capital budgeting ?

A. Tax-effect
B. Time value of money
C. Required rate of return
D. Rate of cash discount *