1671. A successful TQM program incorporates all of the following except _______.

A. Continuos improvement
B. Employment involvement
C. Benchmarking
D. Centralized decision making authority *

1672. Which of the following would not be normally considered as a key feature of operations management ?

A. Operation is the part of an organization which creates wealth through the management of the transformation process
B. World class operations can give an organization competative advantage
C. Most new technology is implemented in operations areas
D. Operations is the area of a business where most people work *

1673. ” Kaizen” is a japanese term meaning ________.

A. A fullproof machanism
B. Just-in-time (JIT)
C. A fishbone diagram
D. Continuous improvement *

1674. Cost of dissatisfaction repair costs and warranty costs are elements of cost in the _______.

A. Taguchi loss function
B. Pareto chart
C. iSO 9000 quality cost calculator
D. Process chart *

1675. A quality loss function utilizes all of the following costs except ________.

A. The cost of scrap and repair *
B. The cost of customer dissatisfaction
C. Sales cost
D. Costs to society

1676. Which of the following is the least likely decision to be made by operation managers?

A. Selecting the location and layout of a facility
B. Deciding which market areas to manufacturing product for
C. How much capacity is required to balance demand
D. Designing and improving the jobs of the workforce *

1677. Pareto charts are used to ___________.

A. Identify inspection points in a process
B. Outline production schedules
C. Organize errors, problems or defects *
D. Show material flow

1678. Among teh tools of TQM, the tool ordinarily used to aid in undrestanding the sequence of events through which a product travels is a ________.

A. Pareto chart
B. Flow chart *
C. Cheque sheet
D. Taguchi map

1679. Which one of the following would not generally be considered an aspect of operations management ?

A. Work methods
B. Secure financial resources *
C. Maintain quality
D. Product or service design

1680. Which one of the following is not a typical question dealt with by an operations managers?

A. How much capacity will be needed in the months a ahead?
B. What is a satsifactory location for a new facility?
C. How to motivate employees?
D. All are typical of operations decision *