1741. Intermediaries play an important role in matching _________.

A. Dealer with customer
B. Manufacturer to product
C. Information and promotion
D. Supply and demand *

1742. Marketing logistics invovles getting the right product to the right customer in the right place at the right time .Which one of the following is not included in this process?

A. Controlling the physical flow of goods, service and information
B. Gathering customer’s ideas for new products *

1743. A supply chain is a sequence of firms that perform activities required.

A. To find products that are similar
B. To facilitate wholesalers inventory selections
C. To create and deliver goods to consumers *

1744. A supply chain is essentially a sequence of linked ________.

A. Customer and prospects
B. Supplier and Manufacturer
C. Suppliers and customers *
D. Warehousing and wholesaling units

1745. Which of the following is not an area of responsibility for a logistics manager?

A. Inventory
B. Purchasing
C. Warehousing
D. Marketing *

1746. To reduce inventory management costs, many companies use a system called _______, Which involves carrying only small inventories of parts or merchandise, often only enough for a few days of operation.

A. Reduction-inventory managment
B. Supply chain management
C. Economic order quantity
D. Just-in-time logistics *

1747. Companies manage their supply chains________.

A. Information *
B. Transportation modes
C. Competitors
D. The Internet

1748. Julie newmar recognizes that her company needs to provide better customer service and trim distribution costs through teamwork, both inside the company and among all the marketing channel organizations, Julie will begin the practice of __________.

A. Intermediation
B. Customer relationship management
C. Integrated logistics management
D. Supply chaing management *

1749. Today, a growing number of firms now outsource some or all of their logistics to ___________ intermediaries

A. Competitors
B. Third-party logistics providers *
C. Channel members
D. Cross- functional teams

1750. Supply chain concept originated in which discipline ?

A. Marketing
B. Operations
C. Logistics *
D. Production