1681. A worker operates a shear press. She notices that the metal sheets she is cutting have curled edges .Who should get the first “shot” at solving the problem ?

A. The foreman
B. A member of the quality control department *
C. The operator herself
D. The employees supervisor

1682. Which of the following is not a key activity of an operation manager?

A. Understanding the needs of customer
B. Continually learning
C. Managing cash flows *
D. Exploiting technology to produce goods and services

1683. A recent consumer survey conducted for a car dealership indicates that, when buying a car , Customers are primarily concerned with salesperson ‘s ability to explain the car’s features, the salesperson’s friendliness, and the dealers honesty. The dealership should be especially concerned with which dimensions of service quality?

A. Communication, Courtesy, and credibility
B. Competence, Courtesy, and Security
C. Competence, Responsiveness and reliability
D. Communication, Responsiveness and reliability

1684. Which one of the following best represents a pure service ?

A. Bank loans
B. Computer diagnosis and repair
C. Attending a theatre play *
D. Fast food restaurant

1685. Which one of the following best represents a pure good ?

A. Salt *
B. Fast food
C. Attending a play
D. Vehicle repair

1686. Which one of the following would not generally be considered an aspect of operations management ?

A. Schedule work
B. Secure financial resources
C. Maintain quality *
D. Oversee the transformation process

1687. Which one of these was not mentioned in the list of recent trends in operations management ?

A. Total quality management *
B. Worker involvement
C. Global competition
D. Automation

1688. Which came last in the development of manufacturing techniques?

A. Lean production
B. Division of labor *
C. Mass production
D. Craft production

1689. Which function typically employs more people than any other functional area?

A. Information system
B. Operations *
C. Marketing
D. Finance

1690. Which one of the following is not a type of operations ?

A. Goods production
B. Storage/ Transportation
C. Entertainment
D. Price reduction