1161. According to Mintzeberg, Which of the following is true of senior managers?

A. They practise a science and a profession
B. They have few regular duties to perform
C. They spend little time on systematic planning *
D. All are true

1162. According to Buckley and chapman ,How does the notion that management ideas are obvious arise?

A. Everyone’s Common sense is different
B. Human have a habit of attributing successes to prior forethought *
C. Most managers have little formal training
D. Humans are content to leave much to chance, without admitting it

1163. Who gave his name to a bar chart widely used to plan event sequences?

A. Frederick Taylor
B. Max Weber
C. Henri Fayol
D. Henry Gantt *

1164. Charisma is related to which type of leadership?

A. Managerial
B. Transformational *
C. Relationship motivated
D. Structuring

1165. Content motivation theories are represented by ________.

A. Maslow, Alderfer, Herzberg, and Mcclland *
B. Maslow, Alderfer, Herzberg and Vroom
C. Maslow, Adams, Herzberg and Vroom
D. Alderfer,Maslow and Adams

1166. “Entropy” is a law of nature in which all forms of organizations move towards_______.

A. Growth and Continuity
B. Continuous improvement
C. Rebirth and Emergency
D. Disorganization and Death *

1167. The dominant role in developing scientific management was played by ______.

A. Breeze, John D
B. Henri Fayol
C. Philip A. Ritson
D. Frederick Winslow Taylor *

1168. A goal set by and for top management of the organization______.

A. Tactical Goal
B. Strategic Goal *
C. Operational Goal
D. None of the above

1169. Zero-Base Budgeting evaluates current and new activities and programs which solve_________.

A. The government program in detail
B. The risks involving decision developing and ranking packages
C. The organizational services programs
D. The basic developmental issues *

1170. What decision-making condition must exist in order for the decision tree to be a valuable tool?

A. Risk *
B. Certainty
C. Uncertainty
D. All of the above