61. As what is ensuring that one individual does not carry the burden of a whole work task referred to?
A. Work specialisation
B. Work design
C. Work schedule
D. Work shift

62. What is a Gantt chart a type of?
A. Work flow design
B. Work schedule design
C. Work rate design
D. Work output design

63. How do you call a system that allows workers to work part of the week from home?
A. Piece time
B. Part-time
C. Job sharing
D. Telecommuting

64. What work arrangement is referred to as Flexitime?
A. Workers decide if they want to turn up for work.
B. They only work weekends.
C. They only work alternate weeks.
D. They choose the start and finish time within set parameters.

65. According to the Five Factor model, ‘extraversion’ as a personality type is characterized by what type of people?
A. Good natured
B. Calm and self-confident
C. Sensitive and curious
D. Assertive and sociable

66. What does situational theory of leadership emphasize?
A. Personality traits
B. Events
C. Environment
D. Political situation

67. What do you call a style of leadership that takes account of others’ views, opinions and ideas?
A. Laissez-faire
B. People-oriented
C. Democratic
D. Autocratic

68. How can you describe the thinking and outlook of transformational leaders?
A. Strategic
B. Operational
C. Functional
D. Developmental

69. According to Lewin, Lippet and White’s 1939 experiment, which form of leadership produced the most work from participants?
A. Laissez-faire
B. Democratic
C. Authoritarian
D. A mix of laissez-faire and democratic

70. What are the two main dimensions of the Ohio Studies into leadership?
A. Starting position and end position
B. Initial environment and changed environment
C. Organisational structure and conditioning
D. Initiating structure and considerations