271. The preparation of trial balance helps in:
A. Locating errors of complete omission
B. Locating errors of principle
C. Locating errors of principle
D. Any of the above

272. When a firm maintains a cash book, it is not necessary to maintain :
A. Sales journal
B. Purchases journal
C. General book
D. Cash account in the ledger

273. All lledger is book of
A. Original entry
B. Secondary entry
C. All cash transaction
D. Petty cash transaction

274. Recording of transaction in the journalis called :
A. Posting
B. Casting
C. Journalising
D. Talling

275. In Ideal drugs store, the inventory is :
A. In excess
B. Inadequate
C. Meazre
D. At level between excessive and inadequate

276. In a drug store, the expired drug formulation are called :
A. Scrap items
B. Surplus items
C. Absolute items
D. None of the above

277. Multiple shops deals in :
A. All goods
B. same type of foods
C. Specified same type of goods
D. Specified type of goods

278. Itinerant retailers operate its bissiness from :
A. Fixed premises
B. Moving stalls
C. General stores to another place
D. All the above

279. If 51% shares of a bussiness organisation are in hand of government, than it is called :
A. Public corporation
B. Government company
C. Public company
D. Department organization

280. The minimum number of persons required to form a private company is:
A. 2
B. 5
C. 7
D. 10