1051. What does a mission statement specify that the organization will achieve ?

A. Targets
B. Goals *
C. Vision
D. All of the above

1052. Which of the following is /are weakness(es) of MBO?

A. Emphasis on short term objectives
B. Danger of inflexibility
C. Difficulty in setting goals
D. All of the above *

1053. Grouping of activities on the basis of product lines is a part of ______.

A. Delegated organization
B. Divisional organization *
C. Functional organization
D. Autonomous organization

1054. A proper__________System must also show the way for ________action.

A. Direction,Preventive
B. Control, Preventive
C. Contorl,Corrective *
D. Direction, Corrective

1055. Span of management refers to ___________.

A. Number of managers
B. Lenght of term for which a manager is appointed
C. Number of subordinates under a superior *
D. Number of members in top management

1056. _________is mainly concerned with the people who put the plan in action_____________.’

A. Controlling
B. Direction *
C. Managing
D. None of the above

1057. Leadership is a process ___________.

A. Of influencing people *
B. Of giving orders tht subordinates must keep
C. To talk and write clearly and forcefully
D. All of the above

1058. The following are the elements of control___________.

A. Authority and Knowledge
B. Guidance and direction
C. Constraint and restraint
D. All of the above *

1059. The tool(S) employed by the companies to improve and sustain employee morale ________.

A. Building of responsibility
B. Rotation of Jobs
C. Job Enrichment
D. All of the above *

1060. For delegation to be effective, it is essential that responsiblity be accompanied with necessary _________.

A. Authority *
B. Manpower
C. Incentives
D. Promotions