1711. A supply chain includes the chain of entities involved in the planning, procurement, production and ______of products.

A. Distribution *
B. Supply
C. Demand
D. Transport

1712. In a SC, material flows in one direction While ____________ from in both direction____.

A. Process
B. Information *
C. Product
D. Semi finished goods

1713. Companies manipulate their supply chains thru _________.

A. Information
B. Transportation modes
C. Competitors
D. The Internet *

1714. Today, a growing number of companies now outsource some or all of their logistics to ___________ Intermediaries .

A. Competitors
B. Third-party logistics providers
C. Channel members
D. Cross- functional teams *

1715. Most operations produce a mixture of each merchandise and services. Which of the following groups are closest to producing “pure” services?

A. Counsellor/ Therapist *
B. Restuarant
C. IT company
D. Steel company

1716. If a sample of components is measured and the mean of the measurements is outdoor the manage limits the system is _______.

A. In control, however not capable of producig inside the hooked up manipulate limits
B. Out of manipulate and the process need to be investigated for assignable variant . *
C. Within the installed manipulate limits with solely natural reasons of variation .
D. Monitored intently to see if the subsequent pattern mean will additionally fall outdoor the contorl limits

1717. A excellent circle holds a brainstorming session and tries to identify the factors responsible for flaws in a product. Which device do you advise they use to prepare their findings ?

A. Ishikawa diagram
B. Pareto chart *
C. Process chart
D. Control charts

1718. When a pattern measurement falls inner the manipulate limits, it skill that __________.

A. Each unit manufactured is good sufficient to sell *
B. The manner limits cannot be decided statistically
C. The process output exceeds the requirements
D. If there is no different pattern in the samples, the process is in control

1719. Which of the following statements is real of LEAN?

A. Lean concepts center of attention on superior statistical methods
B. Lean concepts are separate physique of knowledge
C. Lean concepts have been developed over a lenghty length of time
D. Lean principles consist of decreasing waste *

1720. Which one does not use operation administration ?

A. Supermarket
B. Bank
C. Hospital*
D. They all use it