1931. What sort of goals does management by objective (MBO) emphasize?

A. Tangible, verifiable and measurable *
B. Achievable, Controllable and probitable
C. Challenging, emotional and constructive
D. Hierarchial,attainable and effective

1932. Today’s Managers understand that the success of any effort at improving quality and productivity must include ______.

A. Quality management programs
B. Customer service improvements
C. Employee’s participation *
D. Manufacturing simplification

1933. Which of the following would be least liekly to pose a barrier to cross-cultural communications?

A. Tone different
B. Word connotations
C. Polictical correctness *
D. Differences among perceptions

1934. Which of the following theory is proposed by clayton alderfer?

A. Theory X and Theory Y
B. Hierarchy of needs
C. ERG Theory *
D. Theory

1935. Concept of MBO was introduced by _________.

A. Peter.F.Drucker *
B. Mary Parker
C. Henry Fayol
D. Philip kotler

1936. Mr Faisal’s one day salary was deducted because of his uniformed leave, because he had been warned about this behavior before. It is an illustration of which strategy for influencing behavior?

A. Reinforecement
B. Positive Reinforcement
C. Punishment *
D. Negative Reinforecement

1937. While managing political behaviours in organization, the manager requires discouraging:.

A. Negotiation
B. Relationships
C. Self Interest *
D. Dialogue

1938. People with which type of personality trait commonly make poor decisions because they make them too fast ?

A. Type As *
B. Type Bs
C. Self- monitors
D. Extroverts

1939. Which of the following is an environmental force that shapes personality?

A. Gender
B. Height
C. Experience *
D. Extroverts

1940. Factors other than satisfaction that impact one’s decision to leave a current job include all of the following except ______.

A. Labor market conditions
B. Lenght of tenure with the organization
C. Organizational citizenship behavior
D. Expectations about alternative job opportunities