411. Poultry farms comes under :
A. Extractive Industries
B. Genetic Industries
C. Manufacturing Industries
D. Construction Industries

412. The term ”transactions” in business refers to:
A. Exchange of goods
B. Good and services
C. Transfer of good
D. Good and sale

413. Manpower inventory include?
A. No.of employees
B. Category of employee
C. Specialization of employee
D. All of these

414. Performance appraisal includes?
A. Help employee in self appraisal
B. Review his performance in relation to the objective and other behavior
C. Check reviewas done by the supervision
D. All of these

415. Function of management?
A. Planning
B. Staffing
C. Coordinating
D. All of theses

416. Short terms loan is ?
A. Current assets
B. Currents Liabilities
C. Fixed assets
D. Fixed usability

417. Human resource development consists?
A. Job evaluation
B. Wages and salary administration
C. Fringe benefit
D. All of these

418. The maximum number of partners in a banking firm is
A. 10
B. 20
C. 5
D. Unlimited

419. The benefit of motivation includes?
A. Job satisfaction
B. Decrease employee turnover
C. Industrial democracy
D. All of theses

420. Financial incentives are ?
A. Participation profit
B. Additional bonus
C. Insurance
D. All of these