251. The extent to which power and authority are retained at the top is called as
A. centralization
B. decentralization
C. responsibility
D. accountability

252. Father of scientific management
A. Henry fayol
B. Fw Taylor
C. Peter drucker
D. weber

253. MBO was introduced by
A. Peter F drucker
B. Henry fayol
C. Max Weber
D. Mary parker follet

254. According to Follet, conflict may be removed through three ways
A. domination, compromise and integration
B. control, compromise and integration
C. direction, domination and integration
D. direction, domination and integration

255. A decision which relates to day to day operation of an organization is known as
A. operative decisions
B. organizational decision
C. major decisions
D. minor decisions

256. The primary function of management is
A. staffing
B. directing
C. planning
D. decision making

257. Consumers are satisfied through
A. motivation
B. innovation
C. communication
D. management

258. Men, Money Material and Machines are included in
A. factors of production
B. resources
C. budget preparation
D. cost analysis

259. Growth and prosperity of any organization depends upon
A. competition
B. planning
C. division of work
D. organizing

260. Planning brings
A. co-operation
B. coordination and co-operation
C. controlling
D. resources