1531. Float management is related to ____________.

A. Cash management *
B. Inventory management
C. Recievables management
D. Raw materials management

1532. Which of the following is not an objective of cash management ?

A. Maximization of cash balance
B. Minimization of cash balance
C. Optimization of cash balance *
D. Zero cash balance

1533. Which of the following is not true of cash budget ?

A. Cash budget indicates timings of short-term borrowing
B. Cash budget is based on accural concept *
C. Cash budget is based on cash flow concept
D. Repayment of principal amount of law is shown in cash budget

1534. Baumol’s model of cash management attempts to _________.

A. Minimize the holding cost
B. Minimization of transaction cost
C. Minimization of total cost *
D. Minimization of cash balance

1535. Which of the following is not considered by Miller-Orr model?

A. Variability in cash requirment
B. Cost of transaction
C. Holding cost
D. Total annual requirement of cash *

1536. Marketable securities are primarily_________.

A. Equity shares
B. Preference shares
C. Fixed deposits with companies
D. Short-term debt investments *

1537. 5Cs of the credit does not include ________.

A. Collateral
B. Character
C. Conditions
D. None of the above *

1538. Which of the following is not an element of credit policy?

A. Credit terms
B. Collection policy
C. Cash discount terms
D. Sales price *

1539. Ageing schedule incorporates the relationship between ________.

A. Creditors and Days outstanding
B. Debtors and Days outstanding *
C. Average age of directory
D. Average age of employees

1540. Bad debt cost is not borne by factor in case of _______.

A. Pure factoring
B. Without recourse factoring
C. With recourse factoring *
D. None of the above