911. Adjusting one’s behavior to align with the norms of the group
A. Group cohesiveness
B. Group Conflict
C. Conformity
D. None of the above

912. In ‘ABC’ analysis of stock control, which of the following is true with regards to ‘C’ category goods
A. They have tight control
B. They have less tight control
C. They have no control
D. They have simplest possible control

913. Special Drawing Right (SDR) is related to which of the following institution?

914. Audit note book is maintained by whom?
A. Client’s clerk
B. Auditor
C. Client
D. Audit clerk

915. Expand MBTI
A. Mary-Brigg Thematic Index
B. Myers-Ben Test Indicator
C. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
D. Mary-Brigg Thematic Indicator

916. It is said Batch Costing is an extension of ___ costing.
A. Contract
B. Job
C. Process
D. Operation

917. Value of probability lies between:
A. -1 and +1
B. 0 and 1
C. 0 and 1, but cannot be 1 or 0
D. None of the above

918. Which of the following is not a random sampling method?
A. Stratified sampling
B. Systematic sampling
C. Cluster sampling
D. Judgment sampling

919. The smallest sub-unit of an organization where cost collection is attempted is:
A. Cost Center
B. Cost Element
C. Cost Unit
D. Cost Department

920. Thematic Appreciation Test was developed by
A. Herman Rorschah
B. Henry Murray
C. Sigmund Freud
D. Albert Bandura