141. What is a whistleblower?
A. Someone who reports illegal or unethical acts
B. Someone who commits illegal or unethical acts
C. Someone who benefits from illegal or unethical acts
D. Someone who devises illegal or unethical acts

142. What is the term for a process that enables an organisation to assess and demonstrate its social, economic, and environmental benefits and limitation?
A. Social plan
B. Social strategy
C. Social audit
D. Social account

143. What is the overriding philosophy underpinning the strategic direction of an organisation?
A. Vision statement
B. Mission statement
C. Strategy statement
D. Business statement

144. What is not a characteristic of a corporate social responsibility framework?
A. Retaining the status quo
B. Understanding society
C. Harnessing diversity
D. Building capacity

145. What is the term for the action in which managers at an organisation analyse the current situation of their organisation and then develop plans to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals?
A. Synergy planning
B. Strategy formulation
C. Functional planning
D. SWOT analysis

146. In the ‘five forces model’, what is the type of competitive activity that exists between organisations?
A. The potential for entry into the industry
B. The threat of substitute products
C. The power of customers
D. The level of rivalry

147. Profitability stemming from how well a firm positions itself in the market is a key feature of which writer’s view on strategy?
A. Peter Drucker
B. Jay Barney
C. Michael Porter
D. Henry Mintzberg

148. What does PEST stand for?
A. Political, environmental, strategic, testing
B. Political, environmental, strategic, technological
C. Political, economic, strategic, technological
D. Political, economic, social, technological

149. Which one is not an element in the primary activities of a value chain?
A. Procurement
B. Inbound logistics
C. Outbound logistics
D. Service

150. What is the term used in Ansoff’s matrix for increasing market share with existing products in existing markets?
A. Product development
B. Market penetration
C. Diversification
D. Market development