1061. MBO was invented by ________.

A. Peter Drucker *
B. Frederic W. Taylor
C. Henri Fayol
D. None of the above

1062. Some managements who are very much intimated by consulting firms, What are they likely to loos?

A. Confidence *
B. Business
C. Employees
D. All of the above

1063. _______ is always defined as dynamic, universal, ever changing subject______.

A. Management *
B. Organization
C. Both (A)and (B)
D. None of the above

1064. What is essential for the management to get things done in the organization?

A. Delegation *
B. Responsibility
C. Administration
D. All of the above

1065. Limitation(S) of business planning is/are _______.

A. Time consuming
B. Expensive device
C. Heavy cost of planning
D. All of the above *

1066. Events are occurrences designed for ___________interests.

A. Management
B. Marketing *
C. Organization
D. All of the above

1067. One of the popular forecast is __________.

A. Demand *
B. Technological
C. Economical
D. None of the above

1068. Under principal of effective communication what should be fully understood by all concerned?

A. Tasks
B. Responsibilities
C. Policies
D. All of the above *

1069. Management is a creative and ________process.

A. Continuous *
B. Technical
C. Democratic
D. None of the above

1070. The old control technique(S) which was/were used through year is/are _______.

A. Unity of policies
B. Break-even analysis
C. Budgetary control
D. All of the above *