1901. Organization behavior is __________.

A. An interdisciplinary approach
B. A humanistic approach
C. Total system approach
D. All of these *

1902. Organization behavior is not a/an.

A. A seperate field of study
B. Applied science
C. Normative science
D. Pessimistic approach *

1903. ” formulated the “cognitive theory” of learning.

A. Skinner
B. Pavlov
C. Tolman *
D. Piajet

1904. Xtension of behavior modification into organization is called ____.

A. Enrichment
B. Enlargement
C. OB Mod *
D. OB ext

1905. _______ is a relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience _____.

A. Behavior modification
B. Learning *
C. Motivation
D. Skills

1906. Which of the following is/are included as structure of human mind____.

A. Id
B. Ego
C. Super Ego
D. All of the above *

1907. ______ is largely childish, irrational, never and destructive of others______.

A. Ego
B. Super Ego
C. Negative Ego
D. ID *

1908. _______ represent thoughts, ideals etc.

A. Ego
B. Super Ego *
C. Negative Ego

1909. _________ is reality and practical oriented part of thinking _______.

A. Ego *
B. Super Ego
C. Negative Ego

1910. Thematic apperception test (TAT) is designed to understand _____.

A. Perception of individual
B. Personality of individual *
C. Learning of individual
D. None of these