1721. Lean production involves ________.

A. Improvement of speed only
B. Improvement of quality only
C. Elimination of all types of waster *
D. Elimination of cost only

1722. The trend in organizations is to place the SCM function______.

A. Under the manufacturing function
B. Under the finance function
C. Under the engineering function
D. At the same level as the other major functions *

1723. Which of the following is not a factor affecting the supply chain?

A. Reduced number of suppliers
B. Increased competition
C. Longer product life cycles *
D. Increased opportunities to strategically use technology

1724. If two potential suppliers can deliver a part with the same quality and prices, the selection should be based on __________.

A. Age of the firms
B. A coin flip
C. Outside evaluation
D. The capabilities and flexibilities of the firms *

1725. Just-in-time /SCM purchasing requires the following condition_______.

A. Many suppliers
B. Short-term contracts
C. Cooperation between purchasing and suppliers *
D. Continuous competitive bidding

1726. The amount of inventory kept at each stock point in a warehouse network is usually based on_________.

A. Minimizing transportation costs
B. Constant demand
C. Trade offs between warehousing inventory, and transportation costs *
D. Product pricing strategy

1727. Which of the following is true regarding control charts ?

A. Values above the upper and lower control limits indicate points out of adjustment
B. Control charts are built so that new data can be quickly compared to past performance data
C. Control charts graphically present data
D. All o the above are true *

1728. The goal of inspection is to __________.

A. Detect a bad process immediately
B. Add value to a product or service
C. Correct deficiencies in products
D. Correct system deficiencies *

1729. Which of the following is not a typical inspection point?

A. Upon receipt of goods from your supplier *
B. During the production process
C. Before the product is shipped to the customer
D. At the supplier’s plant while the suppliers is producing

1730. What name is often given to the japanese ‘total approach’ to removing anything that does not add value to the final product ?

A. Jobbing process
B. Lean production process *
C. Continuous process
D. Batch process]