1981. Mr.Burhan is late for work each day by about ten minutes. How would attribution theory describe this behavior ?

A. It shows consensus
B. It shows similarity
C. It shows reliability
D. It shows consistency *

1982. Which of the following is a reason that the study of organizational behaviour is useful?

A. Human behavior doesnot vary a great deal between individuals and situations.
B. Human behavior is not random *
C. Human behavior is not consistent
D. Human behavior is rarely predictable

1983. Psychology’s major contributions to the field of organizational behavior have been primarily at what level of analysis ?

A. The level of the group
B. The level of the individual *
C. The level of the organization
D. The level of the culture

1984. Which behavioural science discipline is most focused on understanding individual behaviour?

A. Sociology
B. Social psychology
C. Psychology *
D. Anthropology

1985. The science that seeks to measure, explain and sometimes change teh behaviour of humans and other animals is known as ________.

A. Psychiatry
B. Psychology *
C. Sociology
D. Organizational behavior

1986. Blends concepts from psychology and sociology _____.

A. Corporate strategy
B. Anthropology
C. Political science
D. Social Psychology *

1987. The science that focuses on the influence people have on one another is _________.

A. Psychology
B. Anthropology *
C. Political science
D. Social Pyschology

1988. Which of the following fields has most helped us understand differences in fudamental values attitudes, and behaviour among people in different countries ?

A. Anthropology *
B. Psychology
C. Political science
D. Operations research

1989. The subject of organizational culture has been most influenced by which behavioural science discipline?

A. Anthropology *
B. Psychology
C. Social Psychology
D. Political science

2000. Which of the following OB topics is not central to managing employee’s fears about terrorism?

A. Emotion
B. Motivation
C. Communication
D. Work design