51. What is the definition of a scenario in scenario planning?
A. An imagined sequence of future events
B. An unpredictable event
C. A planned for event
D. An unplanned for event

52. What is a succession plan?
A. Dismissing an employee for a more favourable employee
B. A formal process of planning to fill a role that will become vacant
C. A vote of no confidence in a board member
D. The formal process of acquiring a new staff member

’53. There is no discernible link between planning and performance’. Who is this position held by?
A. Michael Porter
B. Milton Friedman
C. Gary Hamel
D. Henry Mintzberg

54. What one of the following is not a key management skill in planning?
A. Conceptual skills
B. Analytical skills
C. IT and computing skills
D. Communication skills

55. To what does authority refer?
A. The ability to organise people
B. The power to command and direct
C. The need for order
D. The right to change jobs

56. What one of these is not a recognised type of authority?
A. Executive
B. Functional
C. Line management
D. Supplier

57. From what does a chain of command extend?
A. Bottom to top
B. Top to bottom
C. Diagonally
D. Laterally

58. What is the optimal span of control?
A. 2
B. 5
C. 7
D. None of the above

59. Enhancement of job satisfaction and productivity are key characteristics of which theoretical perspective of work design?
A. Process improvement
B. Techno-structural change model
C. Job characteristics model
D. Socio-technical systems

60. What one of the following is not a characteristic of the job characteristics model?
A. Task identity
B. Autonomy
C. Reward
D. Feedback