931. Who among the following is treated as founder of ‘Human Relation School’ of management?
A. HA Simon
B. R Likert
C. Elton Maye
D. CI Bernard

932. Which of the following is not a management function as given by H Fayol?
A. Planning
B. Organizing
C. Control
D. Staffing

933. Which of the following is an uncontrollable cause of material price variance?
A. Change in market price
B. Inefficient buying
C. Emergence purchase
D. Loss of discount

934. The idea of ‘Functional Foremanship’ of supervision is given by
A. Mary Parker Follett
B. FW Taylor
C. C Argyris
D. H Fayol

935. When a group gives some of its leadership position to the members of other group, it is
A. Contracting
B. Co-opting
C. Coalition
D. Competition

936. General Adaption Syndrome is related with
A. Attitude
B. Stress
C. Perception
D. Training

937. Which of the following is oldest form of organization?
A. Line and staff
B. Staff
C. Committee
D. Line

938. Order of command that runs from top to bottom’ is explained by:
A. Scalar chain
B. Unity of Command
C. Unity of Direction
D. Esprit-de-Corps

939. Two or more products, with same importance, produced during a production process is known as
A. Double product
B. Joint product
C. Two product process
D. By-product

940. The term ‘Knowledge Worker’ was coined by
A. Peter Drucker
B. Kurt Lewin
C. Burke and Litwin
D. Blake and Mouton