1171. The principal of scientific management were more concerned with the problem at the ________ levels.

A. Higher Levels
B. Middle Levels
C. Operating *
D. None

1172. Father of modern managment theor is _______.

A. Henry Fayol *
B. F.W.Taylor
C. Henry Gantt
D. None

1173. _________ suggests that each communication going up or coming down must flow through each position in the line of authority____.

A. Communication pattern
B. Horizontal Communication
C. Scalar Chain *
D. None of these

1174. Management can be considered as ____________.

A. Exact Science
B. Inexact Science
C. Pseudo Science
D. B or C *

1175. ____________ is that phase of business enterprise that concerns itself with the overall determination of institutional objectives and the policies necessary to be followed in achieving those objectives______.

A. Managment
B. Administration *
C. Both of These
D. None of These

1176. ________ has defined the basic problem of managing as the art of ” knowing” exactly what you want men to do and the see that they do it in the best and cheapest way”

A. Henry Fayol
B. F.W. Taylor *
C. Mary Parker Follet
D. None of these

1177. According to functional foremanship, the speed boss, inspector, foreman and gang boss are entrusted with the _______ aspect of work.

A. Planning
B. Organizing
C. Doing *
D. None of these

1178. ________ is undertaken to find out the one best way of doing the thing________.

A. Job analysis *
B. Merit rating
C. Job enrichment
D. None

1179. The principal of unity of command is contrary to Taylors________.

A. Rule of thumb
B. Unity of direction
C. Functional foremanship *
D. None of these

1180. According to ________ principle, each group of activities with the same objective must have one head and one plan_______.

A. Unity of Direction *
B. Unity of Command
C. Either of these
D. None of these