1251. HRM Involves________.

A. Employee training
B. Industrial relation
C. Remuneration
D. All of these *

1252. Fringe benefits includes ________.

A. Financial facility
B. Housing
C. Health
D. All of these *

1253. Welfare is associated _______-in HRM.

A. Staff *
B. Product
C. Service
D. Role

1254. Recreation is more closed to ________.

A. Fringe benefits *
B. Group
C. Bank
D. Nature

1255. Work participation management means________.

A. Duty
B. Employee involvement *
C. Security
D. Risk

1256. Participation can be in the form of _________.

A. Collective bargaining *
B. Risk
C. Wages
D. Rating

1257. On the job training programme is a method of __________.

A. Selection
B. Training programme *
C. Appraisal
D. Report

1258. Ranking method is a __________.

A. Salary
B. Performance appraisal *
C. Task
D. Survey

1259. Critical incident method is method of __________.

A. Performance appraisal *
B. Promotion
C. Laws
D. Market

1260. Need of association is a __________.

A. Moral need
B. Social need *
C. Problem
D. Conflict