1041. Which of the following statement best describes the principal of “Division of work”?

A. Work should be divided into small tasks *
B. Labour should be divided
C. Resources should be divided among jobs
D. It leads to specialisation

1042. Which of the following is not a principle of managment given by Taylor?

A. Science, not rule of thumb
B. Functional foremanship *
C. Maximum not restricted output
D. Harmony not discord

1043. Management should find ” one best way” to perform a task which technique of scientific management is defined in this sentence ?

A. Time study
B. Motion study
C. Fatigue study
D. Method study *

1044. Which of the following statements is false about taylor and fayol?

A. Fayol was mining engineer whereas Taylor was a mechanical engineer
B. Fayol’s principles are applicable in specialised situations whereas Taylor’s principles have universal applicationsĀ 
C. Fayol’s principles were formed through personal experience whereas Taylor ‘s principles were formed through experimentation
D. Fayol’s Principles are applicable at the top level of management whereas Taylor’s principles are applicable at the shop floor.

1045. Who said ” Management is management of Men, Money,Machinery, Materials and information ?

A. Peter Drucker
B. Henri fayol
C. Koontz& O’ Donell
D. Anonymous *

1046. Who said” Management is the creation and maintenance of the internal environment in an enterprise, where individuals working in groups can perform efficiently and effectively towards the attainment of grouping goals”______.

A. Peter Drucker
B. Henri Fayol
C. Koontz & O’ Donell *
D. Anonymous

1047. ________ is getting thing done through and with other people>

A. Managing *
B. Controlling
C. Directing
D. None of the above

1048. Who advocated concern for the working and living conditions of workers?

A. Peter Drucker
B. Henri Fayol
C. Koontz o’Donnell
D. Robert Owen *

1049. The form of organization known for giving rise to rumours is called ________.

A. Centralized organization
B. Decentralized organization
C. Informal organization *
D. Formal Organization

1050. Some of the industrial activities mentioned by Henri Fayol are __________.

A. Technical,Financial,social
B. Technical,Financial,security *
C. Technical, Social, Security
D. Social, Financial, Security