1881. Which of the following records quantity of material only?

A. Bin Card *
B. Stores ledger
C. Bill of materials
D. None of these

1882. Which of the following is used for issuing materials to different production departments _____.

A. Material requisition *
B. Purchase requistiion
C. Purchase order
D. None of these

1883. Continuous stock taking is a part of __________.

A. Annual stock taking
B. Perpetual inventory *
C. ABC analysis
D. None of these

1884. Stores department issues materials to the production department on the basis of _________.

A. Goods received note
B. Purchase requisition
C. Stores requisition *
D. Material transfer note

1885. Recording of time spent by a worker on different job is called ________.

A. Time keeping
B. Time booking *
C. Job card keeping
D. Job order costing

1886. The difference between the actual cost and standard cost is called _________.

A. Profit
B. Loss
C. Sales
D. Variance *

1887. Quality circle is a group of ___________.

A. Operatives *
B. Supervisors
C. Management trainees
D. Top management

1888. Safety stock is related to _________.

A. Inventory control *
B. Quality control
C. Employee control
D. Strategic control

1889. ________ is undertaken to find out the one best way of doing the thing ___________.

A. Job analysis *
B. Merit rating
C. Job enrichment
D. None

1890. The look ” creative experience was writting by __________.

A. Henry fayol
B. F.W. Taylor
C. Mary parker follet *
D. None of these