371. Advertisment and saleman ship help remove the :
A. Hindrance of place
B. Hindrance of persons
C. Hindrance of persons
D. Unawareness

372. The buying and sellings of pharmaceutical items for making profit is called :
A. Trading
B. Commerce
C. Direct service
D. Miscellaneous

373. Partners who are neither entitled to they part in the management nor do they invest and get a share of profits are:
A. Silent partner
B. Partners by Estoppel
C. Nominal partner
D. Limited partner

374. A company which byu its anticles limits the number of its members to 50 is :
A. Public company
B. Private company
C. Co- operative company
D. Government company

375. The exchange of goods between foreign foreign producers and foreign consumers comes under:
A. Import and export trade
B. Import trade
C. Entrepot trade
D. External trade

376. A leader who permits the members of the ground to do whatever they want to do may be classified into :
A. Democratic leader
B. Laissez- faise leader
C. herberg leader
D. Social leader

377. Bata shoes’ falls in the category of :
A. Departmental stores
B. Super market
C. Multiple shops
D. Small scale fixed retailers

378. According to drug and cosmetic Act’, the shops which functions under the supervision of a ‘qualified person’ but where in drugs are not compounded are specified as:
A. Pharmacies
B. Drug stores
C. Chemists and druggist
D. Medical stores

379. Inventories comprises of:
A. Raw material
B. General store mechinery
C. Finished product
D. All of these

380. The bussiness financial year generally generally ends on:
A. March 31 st
B. December 31 st
C. March 31 st or december 31 st
D. July 31st