1511. Dividend distribution tax is payable by ___________.

A. Shareholders to Government
B. Shareholders to company
C. Company to government *
D. Holding to subsidiary company

1512. Shares of face value of 10 are 80% paid up. The company declares a dividend of 50% amount of dividend per share is ________.

A. 5
B. 4 *
C. 80
D. 50

1513. Which of the following generally not result in increase in total dividend liability ?

A. Share-split *
B. Right issue
C. Bonus issue
D. All of the above

1514. Dividends are paid out of ________.

A. Accumulated profits
B. Gross profit
B. Profit after Tax *
D. General reserve

1515. In Pakistan, a resident entity pays tax on dividend income ________.

A. 10%
B. 15% *
C. 17%
D. None of these

1516. Every company should follow _______.

A. High dividend payment
B. Low dividend payment
C. Stable dividend payment *
D. Fixed dividend payment

1517.’Constant dividend per share’ policy is considered as ______.

A. Increasing dividend policy
B. Decreasing dividend policy
C. Stable dividend policy *
D. Fixed dividend policy

1518. Which of the following is not type of dividend payment ?

A. Bonus issue
B. Right issue
C. Share split *
D. Both B and C

1519. If the following is an element of dividend policy ?

A. Production capacity
B. Change in management
C. Informational content *
D. Debt service Capacity

1520. Stock split is a form of ________.

A. Dividend payment
B. Bonus issue
C. Financial restructuring *
D. Dividend in kind