671. Which one of the following orders indicates the correct logical order of managerial functions?
A. Planning, Organising, Staffing,Directing, Control and Coordination
B. Organising, Planning, Staffing,Directing, Control and Coordination
C. Planning, Directing, Organising, Staffing, Control and Coordination
D. Organising, Planning, Directing, Staffing, Coordination and Control

672. Which of the following skills is equally important at all levels of management?
A. Technical skill
B. Conceptual skill
C. Human relation skill
D. All of the above

673. When management pays attention to more important areas and when the day to day routine problems are looked after by lower level management, it is known as
A. Critical path method
B. Participative Management
C. Management by Exception
D. Management by objectives

674. MBO is a technique which requires that the objectives of the enterprise
A. Be written and defined in broad terms
B. Be defined in terms of measurable results
C. Include a plan of action for achieving the desired result
D. Lay down the time period for achieving the desired results

675. In Taylor’s functional organisation, gang boss
A. Compiles cost of production
B. Issues instructions to workers
C. lnspects the quality of work done
D. Sets up tools and machines for work

676. Verification of financial statements is
A. external audit
B. internal audit
C. management audit
D. financial audit

677. The term policy is derived from
A. latin
B. greek
C. French
D. English

678. A policy which is inferred from the behaviour of the superior is
A. specific policy
B. external policy
C. appealed policy
D. implicit policy

679. The process of activity relating to the effective utilization of available resources for production is
A. planning
B. management
C. organization
D. decision making

680. Achievement of objectives of an organization is concerned with
A. organization
B. Division of work
C. management
D. planning