1001. Cost volume profit analysis is otherwise called as
A. budgeting techniques
B. statistical controls
C. break even analysis
D. cost control

1002. ___________ is a communication channel that do not adhere to the organisation hierarchy.
A. Diagonal Communication
B. Informal Communication
C. Downward Communication
D. All of the above

1003. Which Books was given by McGregor?
A. Professional manager
B. The human side of enterprise
C. Leadership and management
D. All of the above

1004. Face-to-Face conversation, group discussion, telephone calls and other circumstances in which the words are spoken is used to transmit meaning.
A. Written Communication
B. Non verbal Communication
C. Oral or verbal Communication
D. All of the above

1005. Which of the following is the type of decentralisation?
A. Profit centre
B. Responsibility centre
C. Cost and expenses centre
D. All of the above

1006. Which of the following is the channel of communication?
A. Vertical Communication
B. Downward Communication
C. Lateral/diagonal Communication
D. All of the above

1007. A statement which reflects future incomes and expenditure
A. Profit and loss
B. Budget
C. Balance sheet
D. Cash account

1008. Which is the type of communication in small group?
A. Chain flow with feedback
B. Circular flow with feedback
C. Centralised flow with feedback
D. All of the above

1009. Management is defined as :

A. Getting things done so that demand is fulfilled
B. Getting things done through other people
C. To know what actually has been produced and which should have been
D. To work for others *

1010. Management is _________.

A. An art
B. A science
C. Both an art and science *
D. Neither an art nor science