1771. In the 1980s Toyota and honda outcompeted american car makers because they relied on suppliers for approximately ________ percent of a car’s value________.

A. 30
B. 45
C. 60
D. 80

1772. The _________ has made it possible for other companies to eliminate intermediaries and sell directly to the end consumer ________.

B. Internet *
C. Competition
D. Global sourcing

1773. Value stream mapping is an application of process mapping, developed to apply __________ principles to process improvement.

A. Management
B. Lean *
C. Supply chain
D. Cycle time

1774. A supply chain is made up of a series of processes that involve an input, a ______ and an output.

A. Shipment
B. Supplier
C. Customer
D. Transformation *

1775. ___________ is a tool to chart how individual processes are currently being conducted and to help lay out new improved processes.

A. Process mapping *
B. Pareto charting
C. Supply chain design
D. Design chain mapping

1776. Identify from the following list a major strategic risk associated with outsourcing _______.

A. Competitor has purchased the supplier *
B. The cost of supplied material is passed on to the customer

1777. ________ is the design of seamless value-added processes across organization boundaries to mee the real needs of the end customer ____.

A. Operations
B. Supply chain management *
C. Process engineering
D. Value charting

1778. The impact of cost reduction on profits is much larger than the impact of increased .

A. Innovation
B. Production
C. Information
D. Sales

1779. _________ considers how your organization competes and is an essential element of corporate strategy _______.

A. Value proposition analysis *
B. Leadership
C. A consultant
D. A competitor

1780. ” 3PL” involves using a supplier to provide _________services

A. Marketing
B. Design
C. Logistics *
D. Contract manufacturing