461. Indicates the state of affairs of the organization in terms of its assets and liabilities.
A. Profitability Statement
B. Balance Sheet
C. Journal
D. Ledger

463. Following are the internal user of accounting except:
A. Owners
B. Management
C. Employees
D. Government

464. Given the following institutes of central government provide long term finance except one:
A. Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI)
B. Industrial Reconstruction Corporation of India (IRCL)
C. Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)
D. State Industrial Development Corporations (SIDC)

465. Mixed bank is a combination of
A. Commercial bank and Industrial Bank
B. Saving Bank and Co_operative Bank
C. Exchange Bank and Import export Bank
D. Land development Bank and Saving bank

466. Given the following are the sources of long term finance except one:
A. Issue of Shares
B. Loan from Financial Institutions
C. Ploughing Back
D. Installment Credit

467. Given the following statements are related to the selection are true except:
A. It involves the series of steps by which the candidates are screened
B. Calling large pool of candidates.
C. Selections is a negative process
D. Selections includes sorting of the application and final selection.

468. After which step of selection process physical and medical examinations are taken.
A. Employment Test
B. Final interview
C. Reference Check
D. Preliminary Interview

469. ______first step in selection process.
A. Preliminary Interview
B. Application Blank
C. Employment Test
D. Scrutiny Applications

470. Given the following are the off_the_job ttraning method except:
A. Case Studies
B. Role playing
C. Conferences
D. Coaching & Counseling