Business Management MCQs with answers and explanations for the preparation of various undergraduate, postgraduate, and entrance exams like MCom, BCom, BBA, MBA, many others. These marketing management MCQs are also helpful for the preparation of NTS, FPSC, KPPSC, ETEA, and other tests. MCQs of business management covers the topic like Business Communication, Communication Skills, Business Studies, Tally ERP, Capital Market, Business Economics, Enterprise Management, Strategic Management  – and much more. Also, check Human Resource Management (HRM) MCQs here.

11. Father of principles of management.
A. Mary Parkett
B. Lillian Gilbert
C. Henry Fayol
D. Elton Mayo

12. Pioneer of Human Relations is___________.
A. Mary Parkett
B. Lillian Gilberth
C. Henry Fayol
D. Elton Mayo

13. Management and administration are.
A. same
B. different
C. partly same and partly different
D. same and different

14. Esprit de corps means______________.
A. union is strength
B. service is our motto
C. buyer beware
D. product is our strength

15. Henry Fayol laid down
A. 12 principles
B. 14 techniques
C. 14 principles
D. 15 principles

16. F.W. Taylor is associated with____________.
A. Scientific Management
B. Future management
C. Modern management
D. Principles of management

17. __________function is regarded as the essence of management.
A. Organizing
B. staffing
C. co-ordination
D. staffing

18. Henry Fayol was a French____________.
A. Industrialist
B. Writer
C. Manager
D. Actor

19. Principles of Management was contributed by
A. Mary Parkett
B. Lillian gilberth
C. Hendry Fayol
D. Elton Mayo

20. Control system of an organisation has no influence over the _____________.
A. internal environment
B. external environment
C. customers
D. government