941. Accountability means
A. Doing accounting duty
B. Obligation for the performance of duty
C. Ability to answer
D. Willingness to perform duty

942. Which of the following primarily means to transfer authority from an individual to another?
A. Delegating
B. Sharing responsibility
C. Division of labour
D. Departmentalization

943. FIFO method is best suited when:
A. Prices are falling
B. Prices are fluctuating
C. Prices are rising
D. Prices are almost stable

944. In costing ___ analysis is used primarily for control of spare parts
B. Need
D. Cost

945. In the Hawthrone Experiments, the variables like change in working hours and working conditions are connected with
A. Illumination study
B. Bank wiring observation room
C. Relay Assembly Test Room
D. Mass interviewing Programme

946. The geographical proximity of group formation is well stated in
A. Exchange theory
B. Propinquity theory
C. Balance theory
D. Classical theory

947. Following theory states that physical and mental effort at work is as natural as rest or play.
A. Expectancy Theory
B.Theory X
C. Theory Y
D. Theory Z

948. The cumulative performance of an employee and his superior together is called
A. Dual performance
B. Dyadic performance
C. Key performance
D. Synergy performance

949. The expanded form of BARS is
A. Behaviorally Adjusted Rating Scales
B. Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales
C. Behaviorally Accumulated Rating Scales
D. Behaviorally Appreciated Rating Scales

950. Which one of the following is true with regards to cash discount?
A. It is discount on prompt payment
B. It is discount on price at sales
C. It is a discount given in cash
D. It is a reduction in face value