1121. The continues line if authority that extends from the upper level of management to the lowest levels of the organization is called ______.

A. Authority line of responsibility
B. Unity of commerce
C. Responsibility factor
D. Chain of command *

1122. Which of the following is the accountability for the achievement of objectives, the use of resources , and the adherence to organizational policy?

A. Power
B. Responsibility
C. Authority *
D. Planning

1123. The head of a division in a company who is responsible for the production, marketing and finance of this division and for generally ensuring its profitability is known as what type of manager?

A. First-line manager
B. General manager *
C. Supervisor
D. Functional manager

1124. Living organisms take substances from their environment such as food and air and return other substances environment . This is an example of ________.

A. Close system
B. Hybrid system
C. Open system *
D. None of the above

1125. When the strength provides superior and unique customer value and is difficult to imitate then the distinctive competence creates a sustainable _______.

A. Competitive advantages *
B. Scope
C. Resource deployment
D. Effective strategy

1126. Which of the following organization is rigidly controlled and efficient ?

A. Organic
B. Mechanistic *
C. Horizontal
D. Learning

1127. In a juice making company sales manager has the set the goal of increasing the sales by 10% in summer season. At the end of summer manager will check either goal has archived or not. This function is known as _____.

A. Planning
B. Organizing
C. Leading
D. Controlling *

1128. Which term best describes the process of obtaining ,deploying and utilizing a variety of essential resources to contribute to an organization’s success?

A. Planning
B. Organizing
C. Staffing
D. Management *

1129. Which title is given to an individual who is in charge of and coordinates the activities of a group of employees engaged in related activities within a a unit of an organization?

A. Manager *
B. Employee
C. Vendor
D. Contractor

1130. Which management Function involves setting goals and objectives and creating specific plans for completing them?

A. Planning
B. Organizing
C. Controlling
D. Leading