261. The perpetual inventory system includes :
A. Bin card
B. Stores ledger
C. Continuous stock taking
D. All of the above

262. Which technique is used to finalise the inventory order :
A. Aeconomic order quantity
B. ABC analysis
C. Perpetual inventory system
D. None of the above

263. In retail drug store, the medicines are arranged according to:
A. Manufacturers
B. Pharmacological actions
C. Alphabetical orders
D. All the above

264. The supply order is:
A. Legal document
B. Personal document
C. account document
D. All the above

265. License required to start a new retail drug store is issued by:
A. Drug controller
B. Drug Inspector
C. government analyst
D. Registar of state pharmacy council

266. The minimum qualification to start a retail drugs store is:
A. D. pharmacy
B. B. pharmacy
C. Graduate with science
D. Any degree

267. A person who is interested to start a retail drug store must be:
A. D.pharmacy
B. Registered pharmacist
C. Chemist
D. Druggist

268. An example of multiple shop system is:
A. Bata
B. Duty free shop
C. Retail drug store
D. Cosmetic shop

269. A chemist shop deals only in drugs andso is an example of:
A. General store
B. single line store
C. Street stall
D. None of the above

270. The goods which are used by final consumer are called :
A. Capital goods
B. Consumer goods
C. Producer goods
D. None of the above