691. Capitalistic, communistic and Mixed are the types of ______.
A. Economic System
B. Social System
C. Cultural Attitudes
D. Political System

692. ______ is not an Indian Multinational Company.
A. Unilever
B. Asian Paints
C. Piramal
D. Wipro

693. Which of the following is not a force in the Porter Five Forces model?
A. Buyers
B. Suppliers
C. Complementary products
D. Industry rivalry

694. Key controllable factors in global marketing are ______.
A. Government policy and legislation
B. social and technical changes
C. marketing activities and plans
D. all of the above.

695. ________corporation produces in the home country or in a single country and focuses on marketing these products globally or vice a versa.
A. Global
B. International
C. Transnational
D. None of the above

696. The ___________ company produces, markets, invests and operates across the world.
A. Global
B. International
C. Transnational
D. Multinational

697. MNC Stands for ______.
A. Multi-National Cooperation
B. Multi-National Corporation
C. Multi-National Company
D. Multi-National Collaboration

698. ________ is the first step in the internationalization process.
A. License
B. Foreign Investment
C. Sales
D. Export

699. SMEs stands for ______.
A. Small and Medium Entrepreneurs
B. Small Management of Enterprises
C. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
D. Societies for Managing Exports

700. The OECD stands for _______.
A. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
B. Organization for Economic Coordination and Development
C. Organization for Environmental Cooperation and Development.
D. Organization for Environmental Control and Development