1971. Robert Katz identified three essential skills that managers need to have in order to reach their goals. What are these skills ?

A. Technical,Decisional and interpersonal
B. Tehnical,Human and conceptual *
C. Interpersonal, Informational and decisional
D. Conceptual, Communication and networking

1972. A manager is valued by her colleques for her ability to perform effective break-even analysis on upcoming ventures .In this case her colleques value her for competencies that fall within which of Katz’s essential mangement skills categories?

A. Technical *
B. Communication
C. Human
D. Conceptual

1973. According to Katz, technical skills encompass the ability to ______.

A. Analyze and diagnose Complex situations
B. Exchange information and control complex situations
C. Apply specialized knowledge or expertise *
D. Initiate and oversee complex projects

1974. Which one of the following would not be considered a human skill In Kat’z structure?

A. Decision Making *
B. Communicating
C. Resolving conflicts
D. Working as part of team

1975. According to Karz, when managers have the mental ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations, they possess skills.

A. Technical
B. Leadership
C. Problem-Solving
D. Conceptual *

1976. According to fred luthans and his associates, which of the following is considered a part of traditional management ?

A. Disciplining
B. Decision Making *
C. Exchanging routine information
D. Acquiring resources

1977. Which of Luthans managerial activities involves socializing, politicking, and interacting with outsiders?

A. Traditional Management
B. Communicating
C. Human resource management
D. Networking *

1978. While the functions, roles, skills and activities approaches to management all differ, They all recognize that effective and successfull managers must develop which of the following ?

A. People skills *
B. Technical skills
C. Efficiency
D. Enterpreneurialism

1979. An OB study would be least likely to be used to focus on which of the following problems?

A. An increase in absenteeism at a certain company
B. A fall in productivity in one shift of a manufacturing plant
C. A decrease in sales due to growing foreign competition *
D. An increase in theft by employees at a retail store

1980. If a person responds the same way over time, attribution theory states that the behavior shows.

A. Distinctiveness
B. Consensus
C. Consistency *
D. Continuity