581. During an encounter with an atom alpha particle knocks out ______________?
A. Protons
B. Electrons
C. Neutrons
D. Nothing

582. The path of alpha particle is_______________?
A. Rectilinear
B. Curved
C. Zig-zag or erratic
D. Elliptical

583. Which of the following radiations are suitable for the treatment of an infection in the interior of the body ?
A. α-rays
B. β-rays
C. γ-rays
D. X-rays

584. Various types of cancer are treated by_________________?
A. Cobalt-60
B. Strontium-90
C. Carbon-14
D. Nickel-63

585. Sterilization of surgical instruments medical supplies and bandages can be done by exposing them to a beam of_______________?
A. α-rays
B. β-rays
C. γ-rays
D. B and C have equal antiseptic properties

586. The charge on alpha particles is________________?
A. Plus one
B. Plus two
C. Minus two
D. Minus one

587. Alpha particle ionizes an atom_________________?
A. Through direct collision
B. Through electrostatic attraction
C. Through electrostatic repulsion
D. All of above

588. T.V sets and microwave ovens emit ___________________?
A. X-rays
B. α-rays
C. β-rays
D. γ-rays

589. An alpha particle in a single encounter__________________?
A. Loses a small fraction of its energy
B. Losses most of its energy
C. Loses no energy at all
D. Loses all of its energy

590. Strontium-90 is used as __________________?
A. α-particle source
B. β-particle source
C. γ-rays source
D. Neutron source