1121. A scalar is a physical quantity which is completely specified by :

A. Direction only
B. Magnitude only *
C. Both magnitude and direction
D. None of these

1122. Vectors are those physical quantities which requires :

A. Magnitude
B. Magnitude and directions *
C. Direction
D. None of these

1123. Which of the following is a scalar quantity ?

A. Density *
B. Displacement
C. Torque
D. Weight

1124. Which of the following is an axis at right angle to both x and y xes and points in space ?

A. Unit vector axis
B. Zero vector axis
C. Z-axis *
D. None of these

1125. Two powers of 10N a 15N are acting all the while on an item in a similar heading . The end result is:

A. Zero
B. 5N
C. 25N *
D. 15N

1126. The vector product of two vectors is zero when :

A. Their lines run parallel to one another *
B. They are equal vectors
C. They are perpendicular to each other
D. They are inclined at ange of 60 degree

1127. Position vector is a vector, which describes the :

A. Location of a point with respect to origin *
B. location of a point with respect to any point
C. Location of a point with respect to some related point
D. None of these

1128. Two vectors AB and BC act on point B at right angle to each other . The magnitude of their resultant is 13 and the magnitude of BC is 12the magnitude of AB is ?

A. 24
b. 7
C. 5 *
D. 2

1129. Which of the following is likely to be the rectangular force components of 10 Newton?

A. 6 and 8 Newton *
B. 2 and 5 Newton
C. 3 and 5 Newton
D. None of these

1130. The scalar product of two parallel vector is of :

A. Maximum value
B. Minimum Value *
C. Zero
D. Sume of vectors