1131. In right hand rule, the direction of the product vector will be :

A. Along the erect thumb *
B. Perpendicular tothe erect thumb
C. Along the rotation of fingers
D. None of these

1132. Which of the following is the angle between the rectanglar components of a vector ?

A. 0 Degree
B. 90 Degree *
C. 120 Degree
D. 60 Degree

1133. The dot product of two vectors is negative if :

A. They are parallel vectors
B. They are perpendicular vectors
C. They are anti-parallel vectors *
D. They are negative vectors

1134. The self-cross product of vector is:

A. Zero *
B. Square of vector
C. Only same vector
D. Two times the vector

1135. Can the magnitude ofa vector have a negative value :

A. Always No *
B. Always Yes
C. Yes in some cases
D. No in some cases

1136. Two forces are acting together on an object , The magnitude of their resultant is of minimum value when the angle between the forces is :

A. 0 Degree
B. 60 Degree
C. 120 Degree
D. 180 Degree *

1137. Negative of vector is multiplied by a scalar of postivie value , the product of the quantity will be :

A. Multiply of the vector quantity in the same direction *
B. Multiply of the vector quantity in the opposite direction
C. Multiply of the vector quantity peprpendicular to the original vector
D. None of the above

1138. Which of the following is the only vector quantity ?

A. Temperature
B. Energy
C. Power
D. Momentum

1139. Which of following lists of physical quantities consists only of vectors?

A. Time, Temperature, Velocity
B. Force, Volume, Momentum
C. Velocity, Acceleration, mass
D. Force, Acceleration, velocity *

1140. A force of 10N is acting along y-axis. Its component along x-axis is :

A. 10N
B. 20N
C. 100N
D. Zero N *