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271. Forward current through a semi conductor diode circuit is due to____________?
A. minority carriers
B. majority carriers
C. holes
D. electron

272. Which one of the following is not a donor impurity ?
A. antimony
B. phosphorus
C. aluminum
D. arsenic

272. In the transistor schematic symbol, the arrow______________?
A. is located on the emitter
B. is located on the base
C. is locate on the collector
D. points form north to south

274. In full wave rectification the output D.C. voltage across the load is obtained for_____________?
A. The positive half cycle of input A.C.
B. The negative half cycle of input A.C.
C. The complete cycle of input A.C.
D. All of the above.

274. In half-wave rectification the output D.C. voltages is obtained across the load for_______________?
A. The negative half cycle of A.C.
B. The positive half cycle of A.C.
C. The positive and negative half cycles
D. Either positive or negative half of A.C.

275. The device used for conversion of D.C. to A.C. is called______________?
A. Converter
B. A rectifier
C. Inverter
D. Oscillator

276. The specially designed semi-conductor diodes used as fast counters in electronic circuits are______________?
A. The light emitting diodes
B. Photo diodes
C. Photo voltaic cell
D. Solar cells.

277. The alternating voltage is an example of_______________?
A. A digital waveform
B. An analogue waveform
C. Discrete waveform
D. None at all

278. The operational amplifier is______________?
A. A high gain amplifier
B. A high-power amplifier
C. A high resistance amplifier
D. A low resistance amplifier

279. To obtain an n-type semiconductor germanium crystal it must be doped with foreign atoms whose valency is_____________?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5