1401. At the top of the trajectory of projectile, the acceleration is :

A. Maximum
B. Minimum
C. Zero
D. g *

1402. For keeping a body in circular motion, the force required is :

A. Centripetal *
B. Centrifugal
C. Radial
D. Tangential

1403. In a uniform circular motion of a particle , the direction changes but not its :

A. Angular displacement
B. Magnitude of velocity
C. Force towards centre
D. B and C *

1404. The quantity mr2 is knwon as :

A. Moment arm
B. Moment of inertia *
C. Moment of force
D. None of these

1405. If a force acts on a body , whose action line does not pass through its centre of gravity , then he body will experience :

A. Angular acceleration
B. Linear acceleration *
C. No acceleration
D. None of these

1406. If the particle is moving in a circle of radius r with uniform angular velocity . the point among r and distracting speed is :

A. 0 Degree
B. 90 Degree *
C. 180 Degree
D. 270 Degree

1407. The orbital radius as the revolving body is revolving with low speed is :

A. Smaller
B. Larger *
C. Independent of speed
D. Equal to angular momentum

1408. The angular momentum of a particle having uniform velocity about a fixed origin :

A. Shifts with its position w.r.t the beginning
B. Varies with time
C. Remains constant *
D. Is zero

1409. The angular momentum is a vector quantity :

A. Perpendicular to the axis of rotation
B. Along the axis of rotation *
C. At the axis of rotation
D. None of these

1410. A body moving in circular motion with constant speed has :

A. Constant velocity
B. Constant acceleration
C. Constant kinetic energy *
D. Constant displacement