1021. Macroscopic Coordinates do not inovlve special assumption about (i) structure of matter (ii) radiations (iii) fields:

A. Only (i) is true *
B. Only (ii) is true
C. Only (iii) is true
D. All are true

1022. If Two systems “A” and “B” are in thermal equilibrium with a system ” C” , Then _________ are not in equilibrium:

A. A and C
B. C and B
C. B and C
D. None *

1023. The following is an intensive coordinate of a thermodynamics system in equilibrium state :

A. Volume
B. Pressure
C. Charge *
D. Total Polarization

1024. The type of work which cannot be described in macroscopic thermodynamics :

A. Hydrostatic work *
B. External work
C. Internal Work
D. Adiabatic Work

1025. In thermodynamics work done by the system is taken as :

A. Positive
B. Negative *
C. Zero
D. None

1026. Waves Transmit from one place to another :

A. Mass
B. Amplitude
C. Wavelength
D. Energy *

1027. When a sound wave goes from air into water , the quantity that remains unchanged is its :

A. Speed
B. Amplitude
C. Frequency *
D. Wavelenght

1028. Two blocks of lead, one twice as heavy as the other, are both at 50 degree centigrade .The ratio of the heat content of , the heavier block to that of the lighter block is :

A. 1/2 *
B. 1
C. 2
D. 4

1029. Sublimation refers to :

A. Vaporization of a solid without first transforming it into a liquid*
B. The melting of a solid
C. The vaporization of a liquid
D. Condensation of a gas into a liquid

1030. Under conditions corresponding to its triple point, a substance :

A. Is in the solid state
B. Is in the liquid state
C. Is in the gaseous state
D. May be in any or all of the above states *