1201. A frame of reference stationed on Earth is approximately an example of :

A. Inertial frame *
B. None-Intertidal frame
C. Every frame
D. None of these

1202. A force applied on a body produces acceleration in :

A. Its opposite direction
B. Its own direction *
C. Right angle to the force
D. Circle

1203. At what angle of projection the horizontal range of a projectile is maximum ?

A. 30 Degree
B. 45 Degree *
C. 60 Degree
D. 90 Degree

1204. For a fixed force, larger is th mass of a body :

A. Greater is the acceleration
B. Smaller is the acceleration *
C. No effect on acceleration
D. Greater is the velocity

1205. After terminal velocity, a fog droplet falls vertically with an acceleration :

A. Equal to G
B. Less than G
C. Greater than G
D. Equal to zero*

1206. A collision in which the kinetic energy is not conserved is called :

A. Elastic collision
B. Inelastic collision *
C. Pair Production
D. Pair Annihilation

1207. The frame of refernce in whithc Newtons’s first law of motion holds is known as :

A. Inertial frame of reference *
B. Non-Inertial frame of refernce
C. Every frame of reference
D. Earth frame of reference

1208. A the top of the trajectory of a projectile , the acceleration is :

A. The maximum
B. The Minimum
C. Zero
D. G *

1209. A boy is dropped from a tower with zero velocity , reaches ground in 4 seconds. The height of the tower is about :

A. 80 Meter *
B. 20 Meter
C. 160 Meter
D. 40 Meter

1210. Unit of impulse in :

A. Newton
C. KG M/S *
D. Joule