1071. What is an interdisciplinary area of physics?

A. Geophysics *
B. Hydrodynamics
C. Special relativity
D. Super fluidity

1072. Which set of units includes a supplementary unit?

A. Kg, A, SR *
B. A, K , cd
C. A, mol, s
D. Kg, s , m

1073. The physical science deal with the?

A. Living things
B. Non-living things *
C. Composition of objects
D. Structure of objects

1074. SI unit of electric current is?

A. Ampere *
B. Kelvin
C. Candela
D. Meter

1075. What type of science is physics?

A. Living things
B. Non-living things
C. Experimental science *
D. Study of action and reaction

1076. The field of physics that deals with plasmas is called?

A. Atoms
B. Molecules
C. Ions *
D. Crystals

1077. Derived quantities are those which can?

A. Be subdivided
B. Be derived from other quantities *
C. Not derived
D. Other quantities are derived from them

1078. High energy physics is the physics of?

A. Nucleus
B. Subatomic particles *
C. Plasma physics
D. Astrophysics

1079. The relativistic mechanics is the field of study in which object move with the velocity?

A. Less than C
B. Greater than C
C. Equal to C
D. That approach to C

1080. Which is not associated with random error?

A. Inconsistent errora
B. Based on an unknown reason
C. Average of many readings can reduce it
D. Consistence difference in readings *