801. A capacitor is said to be charged if its plates carry equal and _____ charges.
A. negative
B. neutral
C. opposite
D. same

802. 1 horsepower = _____ watt
A. 145.7
B. 345.7
C. 545.7
D. 745.7

803. What type of mirror is used for surveillance in shopping centers?
A. Plane
B. Concave
C. Convex
D. (B)or(C)

804. Human eye can view electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths from _____ to _____ nano-meter.
A. 200, 500
B. 200, 600
C. 400, 700
D. 400, 800

805. An object of mass 8 kg on the Earth will have a mass of _____ kg on the Moon.
A. 2
B. 4
C. 8 (mass remains same everywhere)
D. 16

806. Suppose the force of gravity on the Earth is 10 m/s2 and on the Moon it is 2 m/s2. If the weight of an object on the Earth is 200 N. What will be its weight on the Moon?
A. 40 N
B. 80 N
C. 120 N
D. 160 N

807. Red + Green + Blue = ?
A. Black
B. White
C. Maroon
D. Dark Blue

808. The SI unit of electricity is
A. ampere
B. volt
C. joule
D. Coulomb

809. A device that stores electric charge is called a
A. battery
B. capacitor
C. resistor
D. generator

810. The particle that act as a glue in holding the nucleus together is
A. electron
B. proton
C. neutron
D. positron