441. Sphygmomanometers measures blood pressure ?
A. Statically
B. Dynamically
C. Some time static and sometimes dynamic
D. None of these

442. The carburettor of a car is an application of_______________?
A. Venturi meter
B. Bernoulli equation
C. Both A and B
D. None

443. The blood flow is _______________ flow at systolic pressure?
A. Laminar
B. Turbulent
C. Mixed
D. None

444. The profile of aeroplane wing which lifts it up is called as_____________?
A. Wing shape
B. Aerofoil profile
C. Curved profile
D. None of these

445. Bernoulli’s equation is applicable for_________________?
A. Laminar flow
B. Turbulent flow
C. Both laminar and turbulent flow
D. None of these

446. The density of human blood is nearly equal to____________?
A. Water
B. Honey
C. Mercury
D. Oil (kerosene)

447. The speed of the fluid is maximum in the venturi meter at_______________?
A. Convergent duct
B. Divergent duct
C. Throat
D. None of these

448. The normal blood pressure range for a human body is______________?
A. 120 to 80 torr
B. 100 to 80 torr
C. 120 to 60 torr
D. 60 to 140 torr

449. For ___________ flow the path of the fluid particles cannot be tracked?
A. Laminar
B. Streamline
C. Turbulent
D. Both A and B

450. In vibratory motion_________________?
A. P.E. remains constant
B. K.E. remain constant
C. total energy remains constant
D. total momentum remains constant