1341. The apparent weight of mass 1KG falling freely is :

A. 1N
B. Zero *
C. 9.8 N
D. 98 N

1342. A man ‘P” of mass 80 kg runs up the same staircase in 12 second .Another man ‘Q’ of mass 60 kg runs up a same staircase in 11 sec. The ratio of power of man
‘p” to man ‘Q’ :

A. 4/3
B. 12/11
C. 49/33
D. 11/9 *

1343. A crane can raise body of mass 10 kg Vertically upward with a speed of 10m/sec. How powerful is its engine?

A. 980 W *
B. 100 W
C. 986 W
D. None of them

1344. Two blocks ‘A’ and ‘B’ having mass 3 Kg and 4 kg are raised to the same height from earth surface the ratio of gravitation potential of ‘A’ to that of ‘B’ is:

A. 3/4
B. 2/4
C. 1/1 *
D. 4/4

1345. On a level road, a car weighing 1 500 kg is pulled by an engine at a constant speed of 5 m/s. If there is 500N of friction. What kind of power the engine does produce:

A. 5.0 KW
B. 7.5 KW
C. 10 KW
D. 2.5 KW *

1346. The value of Gravitational Constant ‘G’ depends upon :

A. The masses of the bodies
B. The size of the bodies
C. Density of planet
D. None of these *

1347. The value of the acceleration due to gravity ‘G’ on earth depends upon :

A. The mass of earth
B. The average radius of earth
C. The average density of earth
D. All of the above quantities*

1348. A centripetal force provided by: keeps an earth satellite moving in its orbit.

A. The engine’s burning of fuel
B. The ejection of hot gases from its exhaust
C. The gravitational attraction of the sun *
D. The gravitational attraction of the earth

1349. The body’s escape velocity from the surface of the earth is 11.2 km/sec. The body’s escape velocity for a planet with a mass and radius twice that of Earth will be:

A. 44.8 KM/SEC
B. 22.4 KM/SEC
C. 11.2 KM/SEC *
D. 20.8 KM/SEC

1350. Choose the wrong statement , the escape velocity of a body from a planet depends upon:

A. The mass of the body *
B. The mass of the planet
C. The average radius of the planet
D. The density of the planet